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The Royal Air Force Air Cadets is a youth organisation for people aged 12-20 who are interested in aviation, fieldcraft and shooting among many other activities

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248 Letchworth Squadron is based on Icknield Way in Letchworth.

Our Squadron HQ

Interflight Competitions

We regularly hold interflight competition within the squadron where cadets from one flight compete against the other flight in order to gain points and win.  Currently the squadron has 2 flights, A and B.

Interflight Competition Scores

A Flight


B Flight


The Aircraft We Fly

Grob Tutor T1

Army Air Corps, Fleet Air Arm and Royal Air Force pilots all receive their elementary flying training on the Grob Tutor T.Mk 1.  Managed in a pooled fleet arrangement, the Tutor also equips 15 University Air Squadrons (UASs) and 12 Air Experience Flights (AEFs) throughout the UK, providing flying instruction to university students and air experience flying to members of the Air Cadet organisation. 

Vigilant T1


The Grob G109B, or Vigilant T1 to its friends, is the next step in your flying experience. The best of both worlds, it's a motor glider with an engine and propeller, so can launch itself like a normal powered aeroplane but still be flown as a glider. The engine isn't powerful enough for rapid climbing (or aerobatics!) but Vigilant is an agile aircraft, capable of soaring in thermals under the right conditions.

Viking T1

The Grob G 103A Twin II Acro, known as the Viking T.Mk 1 in service, is used by the Air Cadet organisation to give basic gliding training to air cadets.  Nine Volunteer Gliding Squadrons operate the type at locations around the UK, training air cadets to a standard sufficient for them to fly solo.  The RAF Central Gliding School at RAF Syerston also uses the Viking, for VGS instructor training.